Jordan H. Carver

The Boomerangs Return Home and Accumulate at Our Doorstep


Article on the return of imperial war-making technologies accumulating on the US-Mexico border. The article considers the imperial boomerang as theorized by Aimé Césaire via Hannah Arendt and Foucault. Published in the Cornell Journal of Architecture no. 13 (forthcoming).

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Leviathan’s Scaffolding

2023 – ongoing

Using the famous frontispiece of Hobbes’ Leviathan, this research and manuscript-in-progress questions the division of state and individual sovereignty and recasts both within discourses on race, violence, and white supremacy. State sovereignty is repositioned as a process of repeated failure, one that leads to Black death by distributing the monopoly of violence across a white population.

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The Racial Logics of Abstraction


A lecture on remote sensing, military aesthetics, and abstraction as a method of racialization. Presented at the Real Time symposium at Cornell University. Organized by Farzin Lotfi-Jam and Ekin Erar, graphics by MTWTF.

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Architecture, the State, and Racial Formation


Graduate seminar at Yale tracing the relations between race, space, and state—or, the “structural” forms of structural racism. The course considers how space, form, policy, and politics mediate state production and racial formation.

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Post-Plantation Landscapes


Third studio taught with Mabel O. Wilson deploying the logics of the plantation to understand, explicate, and complicate the mechanics and techniques of enclosure and circulation. Modes of counter-plantation logics were used to intervene and produce new futures of liberation and abolition.

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